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" I’m wearing this when I teach evolutionary medicine next week."

Isolate by Circus Maximus is such an epic album. It got me , now it gives me and I'm only halfway through that 💜 🤘

"Disparaître", la suite du film "Nothing to hide" qui aborde les moyens de protéger sa vie privée en ligne, sera diffusé sur ARTE le 30 novembre à 23h30.
Il sera en ligne dès le 23/11 à cette adresse ⤵️

: un 📦 venant de l’étranger hors 🇪🇺 qui vous est adressé vient d’arriver en 🇫🇷. Vous devez payer 20€ de TVA (+2€ de traitement si vous payez en ligne maintenant, ou 8€ si vous payez au facteur).
Moi : d’accord, est-ce que je pourrais savoir de quel colis il s’agit, d’où il provient ? J’en attends plusieurs et votre numéro de suivi ne correspond à aucun d’eux. C’est pas un ?
LaPoste : Vous pouvez aussi refuser le colis et on le renvoie à l’expéditeur.

C'était un concert parfait pour débuter la saison 2.

On va garder la solution #peertube vu que ca marche :)

Suivez nous sur #mastodon pour connaître les dates des prochains #concert #live

I was wishing for a way to boost a tweet from mastodon and remembered nitter existed, went there, found the tweet and… got disappointed that boosts and favourites are merely read only mirrors of RT and likes.

The Matrix Specification has a new stable release! It adds knocking, cross-signing, and an all-new platform thanks to Will Bamberg.

We're also now going to update the Spec quarterly.

To get the full details, read the Matrix Spec v1.1 announcement.

Something I started earlier this year, that I'm really excited about and have been wanting to do for years. I'm working on adding vector tile support to libshumate, the GTK 4 maps library!

We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 4.3 :blobcatcoffee: !

This release is packed with many new features, thanks to all the contributors and testers 💗 !

🌐 Autoconfiguration mechanism for DNS records
🎨 A rework of the app config-panel framework (and reworked vpnclient / hotspot apps)
👥 User management via CSV export/import
🏠 Better support for .local domains
🗣️ Lots of translation updates

Planning alpha Bullseye support soon™

More info in the release note:

I got zero responses last time I hit up the Fediverse offering paid creative work, but I'm not giving up!

Some #Owncast features being worked on require iconography. And while we could use an icon library or something like Fiverr it'd be nice to work with an illustrator on the Fediverse who focuses on icons to have something that is custom.

This is paid work, so please boost and tell your friends.

Feel free to message me on the fediverse or email me:

Beaucoup de points rouges, beaucoup de vide, et des gros points verts dans les grandes agglomérations.
Pour prendre en compte les résultats d'une commune, il faut 50 réponses.
Le #BaromètreDesVillesCyclables est le meilleur outil d'évaluation des politiques #vélo, mais pour qu'il fonctionne, il faut que les cyclistes le remplissent !
Encore plus si vous êtes dans une petite commune ➡️
jusqu'au 30 novembre
♻️ 🙏

C’est ton véhicule pour pouvoir aller faire tes courses et te rendre au bureau ? 😜

Wait, we’re still doing that thing this weekend? I thought we were getting rid of that in (and more generally ).

In case anyone was wondering: we are serious about building out a genuinely open decentralised interoperable metaverse on top of Matrix: see for what's possible. If you want to help build a VR future which is truly open & equitable, is hiring.

"Vizio isn’t some wide-eyed teen, randomly copying code they found from GitHub without understanding the implications. This is a multi-billion dollar company that absolutely should know better..."

This week’s update is massive! So many interesting things were announced that’s too difficult to pick highlights! How about you read them all and tell us which ones you would have picked?

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