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I was about to fix a non trivial documentation issue in a well known piece of free software when I found out I would need to deal with svn. Nope, I don't have time for that kind of bullshit. Moving on.

Today's lunch was not guaranteed meat free. Thumbs are overrated anyway.

Those are my personal favourites of all #poppy photographs. Those tender, thin petals behave like fabric against the setting sun.
I feel lifted up whenever I sit among these fields in the evening. To share the feeling there are free wallpapers available on my patreon and via Ko-Fi: #photography #CreativeToots

New duration and distance record on my journey: 6.25km in 41minutes. Deliberately slow as the point was to go further without triggering the pain.

Git often tells me I've lost my head, but never quite tells me how to find it

Spent half of my time writing XML last weekend. Guess how much I enjoyed it.

"Une légende chinoise raconte que les carpes-koï remontent les rivières jusqu'au sommet des montagnes et se transforment alors en dragons" 💙
Il méritait bien une petite carte ?
#dragon #art #chane #fantasy #fish

> Une femme dénudée perturbe la montée des marches.

@koalie qu'as-tu encore fait ?

Hey John Mayer, that's one nasty tone you got there on your solo in the ballad version of Last train home. You may want to get that checked.

Major Court victory against #Vizio Friday evening. After hearing oral arguments from both sides, The Judge quickly decided to remand our case back to California state court!

🔊 Our next concert will be on May 21th with "Piano con voce" a singer🎤/piano🎹 duo.

We have a beautiful acoustic piano in the studio you haven't seen yet!

This is the opportunity to discover and support new artists and music through our high quality live studio concerts from Montreux.

#music #live #livestream #concert

Looking these up is way harder than it ought to be.

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The EU code (TARIC) for is 8543709099 in case anyone ever needs it. The rate for this would be 3.7%.

Celebratory selfie at the end of my first 5km session after about two years of injury induced couch-sitting. I felt worse than I looked.

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