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You know shit's about to get serious when I need to put my glasses on to play guitar.

Whoever needs some warm, cozy and lovely feeling today should scroll through the images in this article:

Okay, it's time to tell new users a secret about Mastodon.

Mastodon is (whispers) part of a much bigger network 😮

Mastodon servers use an open standard called ActivityPub to talk to each other. That's how you interact with people on other Mastodon servers.

But, dozens of other federated networks also use ActivityPub, so (this is the good bit!) you can follow people on these other networks from your Mastodon account!

For example:

PixelFed ( is a photo sharing network, here's a random example account @Iancylkowski

PeerTube ( is a video sharing network, with a p2p system that allows videos to go viral even on small servers, here's a random account @craftykat

BookWyrm ( is a social reading site, an open alternative to Amazon's Goodreads, here's a random account @mouse

Together, Mastodon and these other services form... The Fediverse :fediverse:

(whispers) Click on the link...

Plating is one of my weaker points in the kitchen. How did I do with my lunch today?

We were up to 20 minutes, 3.4km today. Since last pic, I upgraded my laces to the xtenex locking ones I salvaged from the previous pair.

La société qui se vante (discrètement) de pouvoir traquer presque en temps réel 3 milliards de personnes.

Une instance @mobilizon pour les ?

Avant de mettre en service une instance, on aimerait avoir votre avis ! 🙂

Si vous avez quelques minutes pour répondre, c'est par ici :

Bots that close issues for lack of activity are just plain stupid, especially if there is no other triage process and inactivity means failure from the developers to even look at the issue.

Me and my two new friends right before we went together for the first time (1.9km, 10minutes)

is stunning, mesmerizing and awe inducing.
Also, it is mysterious and important.

I like keeping blender installed because I feel like I might be the kind of person that might use blender.

I am allowed to run again. 🙌🏃‍♂️
In fact I have to, 5 times a week. One catch: I have to take it slow. I'll start with 5 (yes, five) minutes tomorrow and increase every day by 1 minute unless it starts to hurt. Sounds like baby steps but at least it's something.

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Had my first physical therapy session for my leg today. Iliotibial band syndrome confirmed. Therapist twisted my body and put his weight on it. There was a loud pop in my lower back and we could immediately see an improvement in my range of motion. I think he's gonna fix me. 🤞

In the interest of keeping Pepper&Carrot free, I've decided to take on subtle product placement.

For nerds out there, watching Charlie Puth and Jacob Collier geeking out in their Instagram live from 2020 is a mesmerizing experience. 🤩

If you've been wanting to get started on drawing mockups for a new app, you're in luck!

The app mockup templates are now fully up to date with the latest Adwaita styling 🎉

:google: :android: ⚠️ If you use a version of #Android distributed by #Google, they've been spying on your calls and SMS without your permission.

This is great time to de-Google with an AOSP-based OS focused on #privacy like #GrapheneOS. :grapheneos:

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