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For nerds out there, watching Charlie Puth and Jacob Collier geeking out in their Instagram live from 2020 is a mesmerizing experience. 🤩

If you've been wanting to get started on drawing mockups for a new app, you're in luck!

The app mockup templates are now fully up to date with the latest Adwaita styling 🎉

:google: :android: ⚠️ If you use a version of #Android distributed by #Google, they've been spying on your calls and SMS without your permission.

This is great time to de-Google with an AOSP-based OS focused on #privacy like #GrapheneOS. :grapheneos:

Sad to read that Christopher Alexander passed.

We're having Sahara dust here in Alsace again, for those wondering what I'm on about.

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Can people please stop messing with my real world colour balance? Thanks.

RT @Framasoft
Il va y avoir du beau monde et de beaux partages aux @jdll_lyon ! (et on dit pas ça parce que nous aussi on y sera 😊)

RDV les 2 & 3 avril à la salle des Rancy de Lyon (il nous tarde)

Now hiring!

The #Inkscape project is seeking to fill a 12-month contract position for a Project Coordinator.

You'll find more details here:

#FLOSS #collaboration #job #inkscape

Thought riders had to use bicycles and was thus at least somewhat . Turns out the platform is perfectly fine with them using scooters (the kind that runs on gasoline) and some are indeed using them. They found a new way to disappoint.

I don’t want to sign up either to every effing site out there!

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There’s the #web (which by the way has been invented 33 years ago tomorrow), and there’s a degraded experience of the web.

Like that shit you get from #reddit on a smartphone on a good old browser:

“To view posts in r/aww you must continue in Reddit app or log in.”


I don’t want to have to download an app for every effing site out there.

A ship with 4000 VW cars sinks. Headlines are all about how it costs them $155M and nobody seems to be asking about the cost to the , or who should cover it.

@pixelfed is an actively developed federated (like Mastodon) image sharing platform (think Instagram, but open, ethical and privacy-respectful).

It’s getting better and better (it was very good when I joined a year ago), and pretty fast too!

Please give it a try and if you like it and wish to show appreciation or wish to support the project so it continues to grow and improve, you can back it up!

One-time, monthly or yearly donations accepted 💝

La Fibre est à l'essai chez Alsace Réseau Neutre, et pour cela, nous avons besoin de volontaires pour l'essayer 🌐
Nous recherchons des bêta-testeurs dans les environs de Strasbourg, pouvant se permettre des coupures et souhaitant nous aider dans cette nouvelle aventure 🙂
Évidemment, nous prenons en charge tout les coûts de ces essais.

Toutes les informations ici :

Ce soir, #concert en #live à 20h30 propulsé par #peertube.

Accès libre. Financement au chapeau. Pas de traqueurs, publicité, etc...

Repartagez pour nous aider ! On a besoin de se faire connaître.

Un extrait vidéo de notre précédent concert :

Retrouvez en d'autres sur :

#liveitlive #musique

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