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Daaamn. It’s *August* 29th. Why is it so cold all of a sudden? 🥶
Oh, it must be because **String Freeze** just started!
If you’re not a native English speaker, now is the time to translate into your language. Head over to and join a team.

Ô Mastodon, pourquoi donc n’as-tu point traduit l’adresse en lien ?
Va, je ne te hais point !

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Aviez-vous vu que @gnome avait lancé récemment ? Eh bien c’est désormais disponible en français !

In today's episode of "GitHub Actions is npm of CI", akhierm/tag-push-action, which is supposed to take a Docker image and push it elsewhere, shells out to "docker run" another Docker image, which in turn runs a Go binary, which in turns shells out to… containerd.

—What is blocking progress on your work?
—I'm struggling to find the right emoji to put in this job name.

—What have you been doing at work last week?
—I’ve tried to turn red lights into green ones.

Google removing an open source app because they dare link to their website which contains a page with methods for donations, and that prevents them from taking a cut. How fucked up is this?

And it just occurred to me that to better reach the people that would be interested in this, I should have used and maybe

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It’s so great that I don’t even understand why it took me so long to look up how to do it. I kept thinking there must be a better way, but never checked if there indeed was until a month or so ago. I’ve used it **a lot** since then.

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How often do you find yourself looking for a pattern in files in a git repo, then reviewing and fixing them in vim? Do you wish there was a more efficient way than opening files one by one manually? With fugitive, from vim, you can `:Ggrep pattern -- pathspec` to find matches, then Enter to go back to the editor and `:cw` to open a quickfix window with them. Enter on one of them opens the right file at the right line so you can review/edit.

One #programming #development tool I use regularly (not *often*, though) and don’t see many people talking about is Meld ( How do others 2-way/3-way diff files and directories? You stay in your favorite editor/IDE (#vscode, #pycharm, #vim)? Am I missing a fancy successor to Meld?

#software #floss #OpenSource

Found out about a new place in town this morning, so I ordered lunch from them. It was ok. Not bad but not something I would recommend, especially not at that price.
Looked up online out of curiosity: all 5 stars along the lines of "vegan for 8 years, best I ever had".
Either people don't know what good is, or there's something going on with this business.

nobody should be using IRC anymore

it’s inherently privacy-violating

it has no access control and very poor moderation features

and the usability is terrible

don’t use it

don’t enable it

don’t support it

use no IRC networks ever

u know when someone mentions two things and someone else says "oh you can't compare them, because <proceeds to compare the two things, describing how they are similar and different>"

Don’t worry by the way, I didn’t sustain too much damage. Scraped elbow. Knee and shoulder a tiny bit as well. Shoulder hurts but I can move without an issue. Bit of a headache. That’s it.

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Had a bicycle accident this morning. Was on my way to meet someone at the hospital. How ironic is that?

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