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"Personne n’avait encore accepté réellement la maladie. La plupart étaient surtout sensibles à ce qui dérangeait leurs habitudes ou atteignait leurs intérêts. Ils en étaient agacés ou irrités et ce ne sont pas là des sentiments qu’on puisse opposer à la peste. Leur première réaction, par exemple, fut d’incriminer l’administration."

Albert Camus
La peste

This video is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while.
⚠️ there are some gory parts.

Absolute pleasure to have in the guest seat for the latest Matrix Live! Watch to learn more about gematik's plans for their TI-Messenger project, and how they plan to improve healthcare communications in Germany!

This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.


🇩🇪 bar association: Our attorney software #beA has #e2ee!

Researchers: No, your servers can read stuff.

🇩🇪: OK, but our encryption is good enough. We don't need e2ee.

🇺🇸 law firm #ReidelLaw: Hold my beer: CC


Dix doutes légitimes sur la vaccination, zéro bonne raison de ne pas y aller

> 1) «J’attends de voir»
> Tous les experts sont pourtant formels: si effet secondaires il y a, alors il se manifeste au plus tard dans les trois à quatre mois après l’injection. Ce recul est maintenant largement dépassé, et on ne va plus apprendre grand-chose sur la sécurité des vaccins à ARNm chez les adultes

Oh hello... native matrix: URI support in 90!!!

Also since Mastodon gGmbH is a real legal entity now and I am its CEO I am actually the CEO of Mastodon now. Sorry for ruining the jokes.

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#Blender’s new asset browser basically turns it into a video game, it’s pretty much The Sims at this point. Drag and drop and done – this will make things a lot easier for 2D artists who use it as a base for paintovers. Mind-blowing. 🤯



I have released Sailtrix, a client supporting end-to-end encryption for #SailfishOS. Please see for more information. #Sailfish #LinuxPhones


IMPORTANT: We're seeing a large scale attempt to bulk-register bot accounts across the public Matrix network (including captcha bypass) in order to perform spam flood attacks. If you're running a public homeserver please disable open registration, or require email for signups.

Magnitude 3.9 at 5am in
The only damage is to my sleep but it sure was frightening.

Thanks to @sylvie_photos 's artworks and the great #GodotEngine, here's a first look at the endless gallery! An endless stream of procedurally generated rooms where an art expo takes place. The gif doesn't make it justice so go watch the video!

Here's the peertube link:

And the youtube link:

Nextcloud is hiring especially in engineerings, sales and marketing. Please check out the open positions and the Nextcloud Include program. Unsolicited applications are also welcome.

I’m currently having a really rough time searching for work. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a proper income, and I only have $150 total.

If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

My patreon:

One-time payments on PayPal:

just got owned by my kid
"mommy, what's at the end of a rainbow?"
"Well, are we talking in real life or in popular myth--"

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