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Ho punaise le boulot pour parvenir à faire ça !
Limite suréaliste !

#photo #NASA #nature #NotMyPic ... je précise quand même hein ! 😜

Did we mention backdoors are a terrible idea?


NSA: We've learned our lesson after foreign spies used one of our crypto backdoors – but we can't say how exactly


I am thinking of changing the default DPI in rsvg-convert from 90 (historical default) to 96 (CSS preferred). Would this break your usage?

(How to know: run "rsvg-convert -d 96 ..." and see if that breaks your expected results horribly.)

Please boost.

At last!
Variation on the puff pastry bakes recipe by the Easy Vegan. Mine has some butternut squash that were leftovers in addition to the mushrooms, swedes, and potatoes.

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It's supposed to go with lunch, but lunch is in the oven and I'm waiting…
Dopff 2019

Best troll of the day: using a security weakness of Github to attach the youtube-dl source code to the official repository of DMCA requests :-)

Thanks to @debian for their $10,000 contribution to the #roadmap to #PeerTube v3! <3 <3 <3

With this great recognition from the Debian Project, the €60,000 to fund live in PeerTube are almost reached. To contribute:


If you want get some private information about anyone who has a Google account, you may check this little tool :

I think Google users should know this.

#google #privacy


« Les connexions à très haut débit rendront l’accès à internet instantané, et nous permettra aussi d’utiliser au maximum notre voix pour diriger nos appareils, et donc ne plus utiliser nos mains. » Mais comment on va faire du digital sans les mains ?

Si vous avez vu, considérez le fait que Mozilla a principalement été ces dernières années un laboratoire de R&D : Rust, Servo, AV1, WebAssembly... que des technologies open-source qui profitent au domaine public !

C'est donc incomparable avec Google (et qui n'a jamais libéré ces technologies, et qui les a juste utilisé pour accumuler plus de données sur vous.

How do we get back to the interoperable roots of the Internet to replace Big Tech’s walled gardens? will be discussing it at the next Decentralized Web Meetup on Tues Sep 22 9:30-11:30AM PT - Join them!

I have released a new version of the appstream crate. It's more or less a rewrite of the old version, it supports almost every tag supported by the specs & it's now fully documented!


You've probably heard Zuboff's excellent coinage "Surveillance Capitalism" and perhaps you've read the paper it was introduced in, or the book that it led to.

Today, I've published a response to that book, "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism."


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