I speak a few languages myself and can recognise several non-latin scripts. I had a pretty good hunch of the outcome but no idea how deep it goes!

In the context of the website redesign I'm working on, we asked Richard Ishida, our #i18n expert, how to sort languages when multiple translations are available.

His answer is both mind-boggling and fascinating!


My bank does this for this reason. But then the message is to let me know that I did a transfer from that same website (duh) and they also sent me the same info via SMS (yay, security indeed)

Je sais qu'on est vendredi mais c'est pas chouette de nuire à ma productivité en agitant de tels clichés sous mon nez !

I just succesfully used PlainUPnP from F-Droid to have songs stored on my phone or my NAS playing on Kodi on my PC.

dlna/UPnP might work… "just" need to find the software that implements it.

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Amazon a appelé sa commu à faire un concours de commentaires pour trouver sa nouvelle bio insta.

Le 1er : "promis on paiera nos impôts en France".

Amazon supprime le com et épingle 2 commentaires pétés pour qu'ils remontent en top comm. Depuis un tsunami de comm sur les impôts.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/math_caill/status/

The wind is strong and blowing dead leaves at the height of my windows. I live on the 8th floor.
Also how are there any dead leaves left to blow at this time of the year?

about video conferences with around a hundred participants is that you can easily take some time to get out of your chair and do some

Je ne sais pas où Karen en est de son combat légal contre son pacemaker au code fermé, mais elle a fait plein de conférences sur le sujet.

Is it correct to say that a link to an address starting with a slash is a relative link with an absolute path? Is there a better name for those? Trying to write clear code comments, boosts appreciated for this

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