I know birdsite and all that, please spare me that kind of responses.
I’m getting this error on twitter since last week, on two computers from my home network, but also from my phone on another network. Any idea what could be going on?

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@federicomena I don’t have an account. I’m just trying to read content e.g. when people are posting tweets in rooms, but it does this for any twitter URL (homepage, profile, tweet…).

@afranke It got really screwed up for me once and I had to do the really-reload thing in my browsers (Ctrl-Shift-R or whatever); maybe that helps?

@federicomena Already tried (and just tried again), doesn’t help.

@federicomena I even tried with the Firefox inspector open and Disable cache checked.

@federicomena There was a cookie, I just removed it and same result. :(

@afranke Damn, no idea. Short of using a new (unix) user, or a separate browser profile, I have no idea what else to try.

It doesn't help that on Friday, after a week of not working, it randomly decided to work again. Nothing changed on my side in the meantime, not even a software update.

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