Daaamn. It’s *August* 29th. Why is it so cold all of a sudden? 🥶
Oh, it must be because **String Freeze** just started!
If you’re not a native English speaker, now is the time to translate into your language. Head over to and join a team.

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@afranke Which GNOME projects does "string freeze" affect? Does it affect core or circle apps?

@afranke Where I say projects I mean modules, or parts of the GNOME project.

The Freeze here affect GNOME core. Circle apps each have their own development cycles and can apply a freeze on a voluntary but recommended basis. They should then announce it on the gnome-i18n mailing list.

Blimey. Took me a bit to get what you were on about. Sorry, mate 💚. Let me fix that:
if your native language is proper English, you ought to join this team

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