Are you on and miss the ability to record a the way you could with before? You are looking for

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@afranke I think Kooha is poking around the Shell’s private recording interface, so it will only work with GNOME.

Just a minor note in case anyone tries it with other compositors and doesn’t work.

@alatiera From what I can read in some Github issues, it seems to be using org.freedesktop.portal.ScreenCast though.

@afranke *Checking*

It looks like it might on the main branch, but does not look like there is a release for it yet.

@afranke Thanks! 👍
Have waited for a long time since switching to #gnome 40 and wayland to record my explainatory videos for #school.

@afranke @gnome Does it help me share my screen? That's the actual thing I miss on Wayland

@piegames It has nothing to do with screen sharing. I can also see two meanings to that: VNC-like sessions where people connect remotely to a session, and just showing what you are doing e.g. during a conf call. Which one are you talking about?

@piegames I can do the latter just fine nowadays (I actually did it a few hours ago), haven’t had a use case for the former in a while.

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