João Vieira's adaptive metronome app is now available on Flathub!

I contributed some design ideas for the layout and the app icon, so I'm very happy to finally see it released :)

@tbernard Looks pretty but unusable for me as it lacks some of the features I require for my practice. Gtick is not as pretty but it lets me select more meters and place accents where I need them.

@afranke Not sure I follow, where did I say not having what is on purpose?

I personally don't really use metronomes, so the current design is based on input from other musicians who do.

If you file an issue describing your use cases in some more detail we can discuss things further there :)

@tbernard @afranke I gave you some feedback in February last time you mentioned these efforts. But I suppose a Gitlab issue is probably a better way to discuss this.

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