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"Audiences and potential clients are smarter than ever, so the last thing that you want to do is risk alienating them by seeming like you’re trying too hard. It helps to understand what jargon is and how to avoid it."

"Transforming a logo to convey a political message falls squarely into what’s known as the 'fair use' doctrine. This allows people to transform copyrighted material and use it in multiple ways, including for public criticism and comment, like if a climate protester altered an oil company’s logo to criticize its role in climate change."


rebrands as FACEBOOK: can capital letters save a toxic ?

It seems like ALLCAPS is back after years of all lower case and CamelCase.


Another interesting observation: New FACEBOOK ditching the current blue color palette in favor of the orange-red-purple gradient of the Instagram brand.


"Dr Crystal Abidin, an anthropologist with a special focus on internet culture, said the reason an account like emoblackthot – with its simple reminders to drink water and eat food – was able to thrive on Twitter was because of how angry content on the platform has become."

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