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Another photo of a pygmy nuthatch.

This one creepily hanging upside down. Do you even birb, nuthatch?

#mastoart #photography #birb


What Looks Like Personal Choices are Often Framed Up for Us By Society



Building a brand requires that you know who you are. Figure that out first.


A little tweak on the designs today.

Typeface simplified and now only using TH Sarabun New and Amatic SC.

Wordmark is now 151515 (or d3c298 on reverse) for a calmer and classier look.

The newly rebranded Ad Stellam emblem consists of a simplified and stylized coat-of-arms depicting a yacht sailing toward the polaris, encircled by two slogans in Latin:

Ad stellam polarem (toward the northern star)
Ubi autem spiritus [domini] ibi libertas (where there is [God's] Spirit there is liberty - 2 Cor. 3:17 from Latin Vulgate).

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