Concerned researchers in theoretical computer science have launched a manifesto about the climate crisis: If you work in this area, I encourage you to sign it and spread the news!

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@a3nm Does "local arrangements and logistics" include having vegan-only food etc.?

@nemobis Precisely. The manifesto isn't giving specific measures to avoid getting into the debates of what specifically should be done (and just set an objective), but this was specifically meant to refer to food, yes. :)

@a3nm Ok, understandable. For an example breakdown of the impact of a conference, the reduction and offsetting exercise of 2019 in is relatively instructive:

@nemobis Awesome, thanks for the pointer. That's super interesting. Do you know how they computed their carbon footprint for the various areas? (where do these values come from?)

@a3nm Values are calculated by , there is some information on the methods linked from the page. Given the biggest amount is air travel, the exercise is highly dependent on the quality of the input. We don't know of course what flights people took, but usually the registration form asks your country of origin and the reimbursement/scholarship request forms ask for your airport code. I assume a mix of the two info was used.

@nemobis OK, thanks. I see they have a black-box calculator here, that's already useful (but apparently US-only).

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