Doodling with my and Zoro Roronoa from 💙

Zara asked him to hold her just for the fun of it. It's very likely he will soon dump her on the floor and get back to his training.

A little more to do on Perona, and base colours will be finished !
I might change a few things on Bonney too.

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🌟 Bonney, Zara and Perona 🌟

Finished the line 💙
On to the colouring now.

Bonney & Perona are from One Piece, Zara is my OC.

For 5 kofis and more, a coloured doodle 🌟

Example with Lapis-Lazuli from

You can support me on Ko-fi and request a or Steven Universe character 💙

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💙 Making some "thank you doodle" examples for my ! 💙

When you donate to me, you can request a or character for a "thank you doodle".

1 kofi = 2€
Perona example would be 1-2 kofis
Mermista example would be 3-4 kofis
Above 5 kofis there would be colours

My Ko-fi page 🌟

Inking this !

Bonney, Zara and Perona in our world's outfits.
Bonney is definitly a punk, Perona is definitly a goth,
I think we can all agree on this easily, right ?

Zara is my !

Working on a new artpiece.
Jewelry Bonney, Zara Sora (my OC) and Perona together 💙

👋 Hello there !
Je suis Zorume, une française amatrice 💙 Voici 4 de mes dessins récents.

♠️ Asexuelle • Panromantique 💖💛💙 • Femme (elle) • 24 ans

Mes dessins sont postés majoritairement sur . Je vends aussi des designs sur .



lover 💙

👋 Hello there !
I'm Zorume, a french hobbyist 💙 Here are 4 of my recent illustrations.

♠️ Asexual • Panromantic 💖💛💙 • Woman (she/her) • 24 years old

You can find my art on mostly. I also sell designs on .



lover 💙

spoiler chapter 1000 of One Piece 

The double-page... of them... facing the Yonkous... It was so badaaaass !!!
This chapter was wild, and I can't wait for this fight in next chapters.

One Piece OCs

Another 16 of my !

🔹 Nikki and Sana are Sanji & Nami's daughters
🔹 Amy and Ruky are Luffy & Robin's children
🔹 Cannelle is Sacha & Aurélien's daughter
🔹 Holly, Honey Amaia and Meka are Sana & Ruky's children
🔹 Malice is Zéphyr and Amy's daughter
🔹 Gibus is Zara & Haiko's child
🔹 Carly is Gibus & Holly's child
🔹 Sacha, Aurélien, Morgane and Greystripe form the Rainbow crew
🔹 Sacha and Cannelle got psychic powers

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