A little more to do on Perona, and base colours will be finished !
I might change a few things on Bonney too.

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🌟 Bonney, Zara and Perona 🌟

Finished the line 💙
On to the colouring now.

Bonney & Perona are from One Piece, Zara is my OC.

Inking this !

Bonney, Zara and Perona in our world's outfits.
Bonney is definitly a punk, Perona is definitly a goth,
I think we can all agree on this easily, right ?

Zara is my !

spoiler chapter 1000 of One Piece 

The double-page... of them... facing the Yonkous... It was so badaaaass !!!
This chapter was wild, and I can't wait for this fight in next chapters.

sketches !

With my OC, Sacha.
I wanted to draw them older, at college, but well, I ended up only drawing Odd and Aelita older I guess...
Added my headcanons about them also.

These were done without references.
Oh and I forgot the geek, soz Jeremie.

New for my fanart !

It's getting better, still some things to add and correct and then I can go on to lineart and colours eheh.


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Since I rewatched , I also had to do myself a . Here's Sacha Andersson (4th character I named like this guys, I'm really starting a collection), a dancer & lyokowarrior.


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