carrd site + tumblr update 

So, recently I made a carrd :
you can find my infos there 💙

and I just updated my Tumblr with the new Ko-fi widget, which allows to directly tip from Tumblr 🤩

art : blood, eye contact, possible eyestrain 

Alternative versions of previous toot.

I love the blue one, the dark blood pops a lot.
Yes, I'm having a lot of fun with calcs modes and colours.

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art : blood, eye contact, possible eyestrain 

It's not her blood. Nor enemy's blood.
That's the whole problem.

My Zara ⃥S⃥o⃥r⃥a⃥ Roronoa. You better not touch her family and friends, that often leads to someone's death.


WIP art : blood, eye contact 

It's not her blood on her hands, and that's the whole problem...

My Zara.

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Doodling with my and Zoro Roronoa from 💙

Zara asked him to hold her just for the fun of it. It's very likely he will soon dump her on the floor and get back to his training.

Petit sketch pour préparer ma participation à la Variation Illustrée, un défi type proposé par l'asso Orbesonge 💙
C'est la belle Ordanelle, du livre "Pérégrinations en Orbesonge" ! Je l'aime trop elle 😍💙

Le défi -

CW : nudity (boobs, soft, art sketch) 

While listening to a podcast about love. I do cool things when listening to podcasts, I may get addicted.
So, naked Zara, with her scars.

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A little more to do on Perona, and base colours will be finished !
I might change a few things on Bonney too.

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🌟 Bonney, Zara and Perona 🌟

Finished the line 💙
On to the colouring now.

Bonney & Perona are from One Piece, Zara is my OC.

🏳️‍🌈 QUEER OCs [18] 🏳️‍🌈

A project I started in 2018. I draw all my queer characters with their pride flags !

💛⚪💜🖤 Zeko Roronoa • Non-binary & Pan 💖💛💙
Another Roronoa kid ! They are the 5th Roronoa, and has a twin sister, Zaiko. They are full of life and always ready for adventure.

I fucked up a lot of things (mainly the colouring of hands) but I hadn't drawn a Queer OC artwork in a long time, so it's cool !

For 5 kofis and more, a coloured doodle 🌟

Example with Lapis-Lazuli from

You can support me on Ko-fi and request a or Steven Universe character 💙

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💙 Making some "thank you doodle" examples for my ! 💙

When you donate to me, you can request a or character for a "thank you doodle".

1 kofi = 2€
Perona example would be 1-2 kofis
Mermista example would be 3-4 kofis
Above 5 kofis there would be colours

My Ko-fi page 🌟

Inking this !

Bonney, Zara and Perona in our world's outfits.
Bonney is definitly a punk, Perona is definitly a goth,
I think we can all agree on this easily, right ?

Zara is my !

One Piece Chapitre 1000 

🌟 5 Supernovas 🌟
Chapter 1000 fanart !

This was so wild, I'm so damn hyped for those new chapters kjrjfjdfjfjfj

So I did this to celebrate. I had fun and I'm proud 💙

🏳️‍🌈 QUEER OCs [17] 🏳️‍🌈

A project I started in 2018. I draw all my queer characters with their pride flags !

💖💜💙 Zéphyr Roronoa • Bi 💖💜💙
Another Roronoa kid ! Here's Zoey's twin brother, Zéphyr. Just like every Roronoa, he's a swordsman. He's the Lieutenant of the Midnight Pirates, his sister's crew.

Damn guys, first time I draw a dude looking masculine haha. Still much to improve, but way better than before !

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