"Les vrais hommes pissent assis", affichette pour chiottes.

Pour le lol, j'ai utilisé la font Macho (dafont.com/fr/macho.font)

I just released a 2.8 :

Polycount > github.com/Vinc3r/Polycount#po

It will help 3D realtime artists to know about scene... polycount, yep!

Phew! Enhancing with isn't so easy, that's why I'm kind of proud about my polycount function. 'still works to do, but hardest part is done \o/

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🚨 « Agir en cohérence avec les ambitions », notre premier rapport annuel 2019, est désormais disponible sur :


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Check out the official gameplay trailer for , launching 30th May on PC! 🚀🤖🧪

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Super excited to share this story about how @Mojang@twitter.com, @fenomas@twitter.com, and @NorthKingdom@twitter.com worked together to bring @Minecraft@twitter.com Classic to life in your browser, through the power of @babylonjs@twitter.com and the open source community.


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Bastille fortress before 1789, in @WebGL@twitter.com, using @babylonjs@twitter.com (and @glTF3D@twitter.com ;) )


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