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A win for #privacy: Businesses in #Denmark must protect sensitive personal data in emails with end-to-end encryption starting January 1, 2019: #GDPR #PrivacyWin #privatebydefault

Just drown my sorrow in music and code instead of booze (at least for now)

Gérer la France comme une entreprise, c'est faire croire que nous en toucherons les dividendes, alors que nous n'en serons que les employés (exploités).

It really shouldn’t be this hard to find a turn signal bulb. The most common type. Been to three stores so far. I hate how modern retail is done.

I looked back at my blog and I really have been suicidal since my mid-teens

What a dream life is. What a gift 🙄

I'm not really planning on making it past 60, so why am I paying into pension?

love how github keeps screaming at me about fixing vulns in dead-ass projects i didn't know still existed

You know that nagging feeling that you forgot to do something but you just can't remember what it is?
Of what fucking use is it if you can remember wtf it is you're supposed to be doing? Don't remember it tomorrow or in a few weeks! Remember it now!

Do people respect each other more when they are friends or in a relationship? I often hear couples talking to each other more condescendingly than when friends talk to each other.

Battle over EU copyright law heads for showdown

Brussels to vote on directive, supported by artists and news agencies, that opponents say could destroy the internet

Do it. Just do it and see the effects. The reactions will be glorious. It just might spur the and make people notice just how important the free internet is

I assure you, there's a red panda in the picture. oh the blur? That is simply protection by 👌

Pandas need privacy too

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