Ein bisschen mehr zur Ausbeutung und welche Maßnahmen die gerade besprechen wären schon angebracht...

On 1 January 2019 the New Horizons probe will begin transmitting data from Ultima Thule, 4bn miles from Earth in the Kuiper belt. What will it find? Let's hope it won't be smashed by the debris flying around


Suis-je la seule a ne pas utiliser Spotify ?

- tu possède pas la musique
- faut toujours être en ligne (enfin pour moi)
- c'est propriétaire
- ça track tes données.

Le de qui ne voulait pas que soient frappés les à terre
"Frapper un manifestant tombé à terre, c’est se frapper soi-même en apparaissant sous un jour qui atteint toute la fonction policière. Il est encore plus grave de frapper des manifestants après et lorsqu’ils sont conduits dans des locaux de police pour y être interrogés."


After moving the production of practically anything electronic to China :

BT removing Huawei equipment from parts of 4G network

Head of MI6 had questioned Chinese firm’s involvement in UK telecoms infrastructure


Human babies need these kind of warning labels too

We could have all this and more, but we'd rather spend our time following the lives of celebs and voting for populism or not voting at all.

Yay humanity

I want to be so much more. I want to feel so much more. But I'm limited to this stupid human body, this limited stupid language and these limited stupid thoughts.

Life is not a gift

China Is Both the Best and Worst Hope for Clean Energy

China is the world’s biggest polluter but a leader in renewable energy, making it the country to watch at this week's climate summit in Poland.

The delegation if production due to cheap labor is a fault if the west to meet quarterly goals and the lack of long-term initiatives. China was pushed into this position.


A project to make deserts green again.

Sahara Forest Project: From vision to reality (revised)

The first fully operational Sahara Forest Project Pilot Plant is built in Qatar in cooperation with the leading fertilizer companies Yara and Qafco. The Sahara Forest…


Bitcoin promised this years ago. It's a nice idea but needs a lot more work

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