Question to the apostles of the decentralisation:
Based on the comparison in the link below, can someone explain me why, out of marketing differences, tends to be so popular compared to ?
Wouldn’t it be better to simply stick to the elder protocol?
It also seems to have a really lighter carbon footprint, based of the RAM needs, than Matrix.
Thanks for your insights!

@Thibaut XMPP uses XML and programmers are notorious for thinking XML is inferior to JSON

@artemis Maybe a stupid question but if this is the case, can’t we use JSON over XML?

@Thibaut JSON and XML are ways of writing down the "shape" of the data. It would be pointless to store JSON over XML. What you're asking is akin to: "Why not just store an excel spreadsheet in a word document?"

@artemis I see, so one argument in favour of Matrix then.

@Thibaut Matrix is more popular because they made a lot of marketing and they came with unified and coherent ecosystem of apps. Whereas on XMPP side marketing is near 0, the ecosystem is incoherent and it is hard for casual people to know which client to pick, or why some features does not work with some of their contacts.

@amdg2 Regarding the ecosystem, it looks like the core is pretty coherent:

@Thibaut it is only an XEP, how can one tell which client has which level of support?

@amdg2 I thought coherence on protocol side, sorry

Fun little fact related to that: some folk in the community are currently working on a tool that will assess available #XMPP software and show you which of these features it supports. Many projects are just starting to export this data.

The plan is that we can soon provide a nice reference to all available software on and display how complete and up-to-date each project is.

It will help show gaps (so we can fix them) and help people choose the right software for their needs.


@Thibaut Honestly, I prefer XMPP over Matrix since Omemo was introduced and it works really fabulous, even with converted non-IT people.

However: Is there actually one full implementation of the XMPP standard? I have the feeling, the standard by itself has a tendency to be a bit experimental and fast moving, which leads to a lot of incompatibilities, e.g. between Gajim and Conversations.

In practice that played a minor role in my bubble.

@Thibaut Matrix just _seems_ to be more popular, because for project communication it seems to be more suitable and so projects are advertising their matrix channels (it was designed as "slack-replacement"). Matrix is some kind of a distributed database, to which you can add your messages via a web front-end. On the other hand XMPP is more about processing messages, so it suites better for secure personal communication.

@dlq But I still don't get what a community can do on Matrix that cannot be done on XMPP. As someone without deep knowledge on both protocols, it just looks the same to me but with XMPP being lighter.

@Thibaut just fyi 404city is very biased and heavily over state some things and even lie in the comparison.

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