Did you know? LibreOffice has an alternative user interface called the NotebookBar! To try it out, go to View > User Interface > Tabbed in the menu...

@libreoffice It would be good to give the option when opening LO first time, explicitely (e.g. with screenshots), between the classical way and this one. Many users coming from MS don't know about it and would be glad to see that it exists. It's hard to make people switch but, once they are willing to give a try with LO, it's easier to manage to convince them to keep using it.

@libreoffice Great! LO should really improve the educative, accessible part in order to make it easier to new users, as most of us unfortunately started and learnt on MS Office. It would help to normalise the use of your programs and, indirectly, OpenDocument formats.
Thank you for your awesome work though!

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