I recently installed . Great concept!
- Use your own email address
- You can reach anybody having an email address
- End-to-end encryption
- Serverless (for the app itself, not taking into account the ones used for the emails)
- Good design (similar to )
And they are on Mastodon: @delta

@Thibaut @delta
I have tested DeltaChat on two smartphones: Moto Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 - I sent some messages, used my local free email.
Either didn't work or lagged like hell. It created folders inside my email accounts and the messages landed there (which wasn't that bad). However, talking about security and decentralisation is a mistake.
General impression is: not working. It is miles from instant messaging. If I was to go for instant messaging and choose not to give sb my phone number (required for Signal) I'd choose Discord.

@barszczyk @delta Strange, for me it works perfectly anf is extremely fast.
I also don't understand why talking about decentralisation and security is a mistake (emails are decentralised and there are several layers of security possible).
And Discord is a proprietary freeware...

@Thibaut @delta

First: it's nothing new - google's hangouts works on the same principle: sb's email is his login for messaging. Obviously it's google - not decentralised and not FOSS.

Second: the app may be serverless, but users still rely on emails and these are hardly ever PGP encrypted, usually they're standard service. Some servers take longer time even to exchange short text messages, so it's far from "instant messaging".

Third: in fact, delta is useless without email. Everything about it starts and ends with email. However, as a fresh service they're most probably limited with their budget and thus light years from smoothness and speed of hangouts.

If you seriously want to prove to me I'm wrong, please PM me your email and I will be glad to install Delta again and test it.

@barszczyk @Thibaut @delta The issues you mention all seem to be a misunderstanding of what delta chat offers.

First: It's decentralised. There's no central instance. If you choose a provider, it doesn't force others into that same provider. You use Google Hangouts? You're forcing all of your contacts to agree to having their privacy slaughtered by Google if they want to contact you. With Delta Chat, you can continue using google, I can still keep my privacy and still contact you.


@barszczyk @Thibaut @delta
Second: The app isn't serverless. But you choose your own server, which is your provider.
The encryption is managed automatically. Messages will get encrypted where possible using the Autocrypt standard, that's compatible even with users not using Delta chat.
If you chose a provider that delays messages, that's on you, not on the app. Choose a better provider.


@barszczyk @Thibaut @delta
Third: It uses email in the background. You're not forced to use that account for anything else. Did you complain that Google used or uses a butchered version of XMPP (Jabber)? Probably no, because it's irrelevant. It's just the transport scheme.

@Thibaut @delta I've been liking it! Only problem is that existing email conversation paradigm is very different from an instant messenger.

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