“So. They know my mom's toothpaste. They know I was at my mom's. They know my Twitter. Now I get Twitter ads for mom's toothpaste. Your data isn't just about you. It's about how it can be used against every person you know, and people you don't. To shape behavior unconsciously.”



#PeopleFarming #SurveillanceCapitalism #BigTech HT @panais @armonyaltinier

@aral @panais @armonyaltinier

"So, if your Mom had a secret vice, say playing the poker machines, you could start getting advertising that potentially breached her privacy and/or alerted you to her behaviour? Ugh"

"Yes, people started getting baby ads after visiting my gf and me. We hadn't told them about her pregnancy."


Or if a few people around you looked for information on kocher food...
@aral @panais @armonyaltinier

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