🇮🇹 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #ITAvSCO #Italy v #Scotland #6nations #rugby Match Thread

I'll be live tooting the match but logistics will kick in as I relocate to Manhattan for #WALvFRA - so bear with me 😃

Both teams looking for their first win of the tournament so expect Italy to come out guns blazing.

Italy have made no changes, new head coach certain he has the right players on the pitch.

Scotland have had 7-point margins on their two losses, so bonus point consolation, but a win is needed today.

Free kick awarded to Italy and they choose to scrum down, confident, but end up giving a penalty away to Scotland. Three scrums in six minutes, which is a novel change, as most scrums take about half an hour lately.

Scotland pile on the pressure and test the Italian defence a metre or two out from the line, which bears up surprisingly well, ending with a knock on from Scotland, unforced error and Italy looking composed for now.

The home crowd is in fine voice today, and they stand and cheer as Bellini makes a stunning break, dummies, confuddles Hastings, brings the Azzuri inside the Scottish 22.

Italy seem to be trying some shenanigans to disrupt the set pieces. Line out numbers are messing with Watson's head and he's grumbling to the ref, scrums are all kinds of messy, this might be a strategy of sorts.

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