One of my favorite things to do in my free time is watch the Aurora—it’s almost alive, as it slathers up the sky in awesome sauce source:

New Exp 52 trio and backups conducted final qualification training for their mission in Star City, Russia for July 28 launch aboard Soyuz. source:

Some say it’s better to be lucky than good… well I sure am lucky to be up here with 2 space legends, @AstroPeggy & Fyodor Yurchickhin! source:

.@AstroKomrade and Exp 52 crewmates @Astro_Paolo & Sergey Ryazanskiy are in Star City, Russia training before July 28 launch to station. source:

Can't wait for tonight's fireworks grand finale? Gaze at Earth's spectacular light shows from the space station. Happy ! source:

Here’s what happens when space-folk take some pictures to show their USA-Pride… micro-gravity allows for some cool poses! Happy B-day USA! source:

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