has impressively short build times. It’s considerably faster than , which is a definite usability advantage.

/ type system is based on decades of academic research.

has to be replaced by something with less flaws. Google suggested , Miscrosoft TypeScript, J. Ashkenas … ReasonML may be the good candidate.

Adding ( -> JavaScript), JavaScript is already a "bytecode" for other languages.

. @nemeciii What makes interesting from my point of view is it's "no-runtime" execution capability, which impose an explicit in-code memory management. Taking care of coding in Rust to endup running on a garbage collected interpreter seems overkill to me. interest resides (for a part) in it's type inference, making code easier to write, and this remains whatever interpreter you use.

Do you know why people love Typescript ? because it's not a new language, it's javascript with types 😉

People don't want the "new" cool stuff that is completely different from javascript to build javascript application 👀

@daycode has the smallest percentage of people don't wanting to use it again, so it's the most convincing language 🙂

(there are even a bigger percentage of people don't wanting to use again…)

@daycode looks like the easiest to learn fixing layer… While is a rock-solid and conceptually new language to learn, with ease in the process because of a recycling of a maximum of idoms.

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