I am writing an library allowing devs to have push notifications with the method to receive them up to the user.

Is it possible for an application to be published on if this lib is stored on the same git repository than the version with ? (2 modules)

Retoots welcomed. I am waiting for this answer to release the first beta.

ping @fdroidorg

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Hard to say without seeing the code. But generally, use a build flavor to separate the two, and have at least one flavor coming without any proprietary components. That usually does the trick.

The code is here :

connector_fcm_added uses FCM.

It is distributed with (implementation 'com.github.UnifiedPush:UP-lib:{{VERSION}}')

@Sigoug There are two parts, the app part where flavors can exclude non-FOSS libs and the lib part. Your example app above yields this APK: with plenty of GMS references meaning the lib that was used has non-FOSS code inside. Either you publish a separate fully FOSS artifact to maven too or we'd need to build the FOSS lib locally for each new app or update.

@fdroidorg Thanks a lot, I haven't thought of virus total. I'll do with 2 repo then

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