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And.... here we go! The main Mastodon Network Monitoring dashboard now features a #realtime #worldmap of #mastodon users!


Et voila ! le dashboard principal de Mastodon Network Monitoring inclut maintenant une carte du monde en temps réel des utilisateurs de Mastodon !

Live version ->

So all of these federated mastodon instances are neat, but I'm not seeing anyone making up interesting weird rule sets yet.

It seems like if we're gonna to build a galaxy, our planets should have cultures, right?

I want instances where you're not allowed to use the letter p. Where you can only use a different subset of unicode every day. Where you can only post from certain geographic locations or while going certain speeds.

Basically, I want oulipo mastodon.

I haven't spotted a lot of forced jokes or hashtag games here. Not many people feel the need to be funny and are actually sharing real thoughts. Stuff worth reading. Is it because of the size of the platform, the amount of characters or the people here? All and all it's way better than the birdsite at this moment.

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