Hi fediverse!
Is any of you aware of any pethod to prevent @funkwhale from streaming certains formats as-is?
I want FLAC files to always be transcoded but found no way of achieving that, server-side.

I'm using for my artistic project so any client-side configuration is a NO-GO.*


@funkwhale That's a shame because some browsers won't play flac. I'll see if tere are any feature request regarding this or create one :)

@ScriptFanix wait, there may be a way if you're comfortable not using the Funkwhale player.

Using the download URL of a track, and appending `&to=mp3` or `&to=ogg` will give you a link to a transcoded version you can include in an <audio> tag on a page, for instance

@funkwhale unfortunately I don't have o "proper" website: I'm using Pleroma / Facebook / Twitter for news and announcements, and funkwhale for music streaming. But thanks for the tip.

@ScriptFanix also, on browser who don'ts support flac, a transcoded version should play

@funkwhale Apparrently this doesn't happen on (some versions of?) iOS. There the track just won't play while the server correctly answers with a 206 and starts pushing FLAC

@funkwhale I I understand this is more of an iOS bug, but I don't want to cut myself from that audience

@funkwhale If you want to reproduce: won't work on an iPhone (reportedly, I don't own such device)

@ScriptFanix this means there is a bug in our format fallback detection, do you mind opening an issue with a link to this thread?

@ScriptFanix A fix has been published on the develop branch, if you want to give it a try

@funkwhale I'm having trouble figuring oout how to install the development branch of the front files. Documentation is rather unclear about this

@ScriptFanix basically, perform an upgrade, but replace the Funkwhale version with "develop" everywhere (

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