OK , we need to talk. It's 2019, 2020 is coming. CPUs have at least 4 cores, and 8 core CPUs are quite common. So WHY THE DUCK are game engines still single-threaded? I mean, come on!


I did not say it wasn't. But the end result is that some games will struggle to run on a machine because one core cannot handle it alone. Yet there may be 7 cores doing absolutely nothing.
And CPU frequencies have being stagnating for quite some time, barring a revolution in chip manufacturing, you would not squeeze that much power out of a single thread.

Also, there aren't that many engines out there, so the cost of development can be spread across the many studios that use your engine.

@ScriptFanix true. Hasn't the computing power for games moved to the GPU ?

Supposedly yes. But I still quite a high CPU usage with games (borderlands3, watch dogs 2, hitman 2, resident evil)

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