# Are they in the Fediverse yet?

Part1: A collaborative database to associate GAFAM social networks account to their accounts in the fediverse.

Part2: an API to which you upload the list of pages you follow with your GAFAM account (since the GDPR passed this option is available). The API returns the URLs to the accounts they have in the Fediverse.

Part3: Optionnaly adding an iframe so that you can login to your Mastodon account and follow them.

#design @scenarioB

@jibe_b @scenarioB

1) Mastodon Users should add their other social account in the "fields" of their profiles

2) You can scrap ALL mastodon user profiles, in JSON via API (directory)

3) We can write a service connecting to your Twitter, fetching the list of people you follow and propose the match in the fediverse (even follow all of them in 1 click). Same for Fb

@RaphJ I just did it.

There remains a need to have a control on the GAFAM side. Mastodon requires that there be a line of html added to the webpage, which we cannot do. A public post made on the original platform containing a link to the mastodon account could do the job.


@jibe_b One could also add link to mastodon profile on its "about" page, just for "humans".

But the scrapping it definitely eaiser on Mastodon side with API

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