@RaphJ Ouais enfin la seconde j'ai du mal à imaginer comme ça peux distraire de l'utilisation formel de ces machins x'D

J'vois mal un tank faire pompier 🤷

@Miaourt @RaphJ La comparaison aurait probablement été plus frappante si on avait mis des parades d'avions militaires essayant de faire de "belles choses". C'est vrai qu'un tank, même en parade... C'est juste un gros tas de ferrail avec des bombes dans le bec.

@RaphJ Holy crap what's that fucking thing on the left ?

@RaphJ Fucking hell. It did make my skin crawl. I find some reassurance in the fact that they were just programmed to move that way and are still dumb AF.

The day these things are able to follow general orders and move about independently, well, ... I hope we never get there.

@caml Well, they are more and more autonomous : designed to walk on harsh land and follow directions, pick and drag things etc

@RaphJ @caml Yes you can see that right here youtube.com/watch?v=Ve9kWX_KXu
I think that is the creepiest vid they ever posted. Everything else is "just" top-level robotics.

@RaphJ@mamot.fr i thought those bots were designed to take the place of popstar's dancers (damn robots stealing jobs) 🙃

@RaphJ Since when are those Boston Dynamics robots (I think?) for military purposes? 🤔

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