@ainmosni a techie should offer to run his own. Instance for him, or have a celebs instance for people likely to draw fire... (Offer, but not for free obvs). @mastohost


@pperrin @ainmosni @mastohost
Alternatively mastodon could get the technical features needed to deal with irrelevant signaling, so that the people doing it can grow out of that bad habit.

@RLetot @ainmosni @mastohost It has the features, all that is needed is an understanding of them so they can be used effectively.

You can't expect every user to be a techi expert - I remember when SQL was sold as the end of database developers because users could write their own queries :))

@pperrin @ainmosni @mastohost
I meant features to help admins and moderators deal with abusive signaling. Some things that makes that practice costly to the abuser and trains him not to abuse it.

@RLetot @ainmosni @mastohost Smallish instances would solve most problems - an instance that keeps generating abuse needs to sort out its members or get muted or even blocked. New instances could initially also be muted unless/until a dozen people on trusted instances vouch for them... the instance admin has this kind of stuff in his (male or female) power already.

Train users? there will always be jerks, I vote to just deal with them.

@pperrin @ainmosni @mastohost
In this scenario, the problem lies with the signalers, not the signalee. Isolate him on an instance for him alone, he still will be signaled by hordes of bullies. The problem lies with them, not their target.

@RLetot @ainmosni @mastohost His instance admin wasn't prepared to handle the work - the solution is in his hands (if he wants it) get an instance with staff to handle the work (once staffed up he could get his mates on it too).

Do you still think he opens his own fan mail?...

@pperrin @ainmosni @mastohost
you're thinking about this particular case, and tayloring your "solution" accordingly. I'm thinking of the more general case: nobody should have to move or pay because a bunch of lunatics decided to make him a target. Any mean to make this more manageable or to get such behaviour under control is a step in the right direction.

@RLetot @ainmosni @mastohost No mastodon already has the solution for these who can be bothered to apply it, the solution is already in your hands - it is the essence of its design.

I think some people actually dislike mastodon, and would really prefer
twitter to have a monopoly, but with them in charge instead of jack!

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