me on twitter: ugh my TL is hot garbage, I need to unfollow like 200 people

me on the fediverse: followed. followed. followed. youre all followed. all of you are beautiful souls and I want to see all ur posts


Maybe I'm stating the obvious (I'm not much a guy for social networks), but my impression is that on the fediverse people are more used to discuss, instead of debate.

I joined the instance because I was invited from a user there, but I don't care much about topics discussed in the local timeline. However I've found very interesting people boosting other interesting people so usually my home is interesting.


Yes you point an interesting topic. i also think that mastodon, in its design is great to avoid the "influencer problem" of a fiew voices covering all the others.

Plus people coming here knows more or less the idea of free software and are looking for a model that respects them and their privacy in opposition to the somewhat toxic Twitter environement

We have to thank @Gargron for that.

@Qanno @balrogboogie @Gargron

Indeed I like Mastodon a lot.

I didn't have time to look at the sources or to study the #federation #protocol but I will sure give a look: as #distributed #system it might give me new ideas for my research os.

However, if I understood correctly (and I'm happy to be corrected) from a #privacy pow Mastodon is a little worse than twitter as you could collect toots from the local timelines of several instances and build pretty good models of their users. ...

@Gargron @balrogboogie @Qanno

Just like public mailing lists.

On twitter at least it's a little bit more complex to follow everybody ar once.

Not that I know how to fix the issue though...

@Shamar @Qanno @balrogboogie I'm not sure if you're aware but twitter sells firehose API access


Yes I knew, it is the MAIN reason why I never was on twitter. Mastodon is the first "twitter like" Social Network I choose to join.

Especially because you can choose to who you're giving your data.

@Shamar but if your instance admin is dishonnest, he or she could very well do like tweeter and sell your privacy away.

BUT you have the choice to choose at least. :)



Yes, my point was that at least on twitter you have to pay (or to hold a legal warrant, I hope). Instead (as far as I have understood) the instance timeline is public on Mastodon and you can scrap it without even having an account.

But @Gargron note that this was not a criticism... just a little reflection about the privacy of the system (and as said, I'm happy to be corrected!)

@Qanno indeed as far as I have read here, you can host your instance. Indeed I'm curious about ...

@Qanno @Gargron @balrogboogie ...about the partition tollerance of the system.

I've read an instance use a lot of disk space: I guess it's to maintain redundancy of the toots...

Maybe a privacy concerned person could host his own instance, remove/disable the public timeline in the login page and (but here I do not know what I'm talking about) reduce the amount of required space and the risk to expose others' toots in case of a security breach, removing them soon after they were read.

@Shamar @balrogboogie @Gargron @Qanno There are a couple of personal instances that operate just that way.

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