@utopiah yeah but Jeff clearly thanks both stupids categories for the ride and the pride ... cynicism over the top !

great! the parcel finally arrived, in good shape, and the dongle _is_ working after a bit of fiddling with pairing of the controllers so yeah I can use both controllers again :D
I had to plug the vrdongle in the usb port of the headset though, or it would loose the signal from the controller if not in line of sight... (the computer is 2 m away) and so I can't close the lid of the headset connectors anymore. but it's a rather low problem in regard of the functionnality back ;)

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@rmdes I think you should not be angry about their absence of care on your side, because you are just "the product" ... but you could be angry about other humans thinking this is reliable communication network (as I am) as it impeach you to express yourself and reach others not understanding the "filter bubble" that you actually "should pay" to expand a bit ...

this is not "automated moderation" it's "payed communication with variable rate"

@XavCC outils fait maison pour présenter une base de donnée de connaissance spécialisée ... donc "pas" de graphisme ...
normal... comme beaucoup (tous?) les "outils métier" les "eye candies" c'est quand on a rien que ça à faire (et c'est souvent pas les bonnes personnes non plus - vaut parfois mieux pas qu'iels touche au graphisme ;p )

so this dongle coming from the US, it's stuck at the Customs bureau since 2 weeks, and I have to pay 15€ on top of taxes as "custom expenses" ... (it's like 50% of the price of the good ...)
so basically I payed more in taxes, expenses and delivery than for the product itself ... I'm wondering how much is getting the maker selling it 🤔

hope it'll arrive this week finaly

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@Joanie ha ben je bricolais justement ce matin pour faire un truc du genre mais en vr et avec la Belgique en fait ... (j'ai pataugé un peu, le volume de donnée étant trop lourd pour la mémoire de la machine ... )
je me disais que c'était d'actualité, c'était par curiosité, pour comprendre

pas pour en faire un poster ou une "oeuvre" à vendre

parce que merdre quand même, les gens qui on eut l'eau chez eux n'ont pas été à la fête, et ne seront pas au vernissage ...

@luka @xuv
also the new owner just acquired the whole content for commercial use, so your CC SA NC license don't apply to them : "4.2.1 Use by us. By using the Services, you grant Sketchfab a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right and license to use, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, adapt, create derivative works of and otherwise exploit User Content for any and all purposes, ... "

@luka (their wording seems to add the CC license in the continuous update ... imho
and if they can change their own license any way with retroactive effect, it's just a total risk for any serious use impov ... ) @xuv

@luka @xuv
that's also when timestamps on files become important ... to prove this or that content "was" released under cc at one point ...
(nft anyone ?? ;Z )

wondering if they fear a fork and some new owner exec came by to look at the licensing scheme ... (without knowing much in open source thing) 🤔

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#Sketchfab changes its Terms of service and adds:

"You agree that your use of any User Content downloaded from the Services will always be subject to the most-current version of the License Agreement or Creative Commons license [...]"

Is this legal? I thought a #CreativeCommons license was irrevocable. If I download one of Sketchfab design today for use under a certain license, this can't change over time. It would be impossible to comply with future changes. Anyone?

@xuv huh ... !! yeah ... that's ... hum ... totally _not_ compliant with how licenses works ...
it would mean you could close down any free software and forks too just by changing the terms afterwards ...
it could also mean CC0 content you'd use could turns into a (C) and ask you money for past use 10y after the facts ... etc ...

that's total BS imho

@LinuxLounge hi, you should take a look at the monado openxr middleware (monado.freedesktop.org/getting), it's supporting more headsets than OpenHMD, incl the PSVR one, so you can theoretically use it to play steamvr games ... (I did not tried ... yet)
so possible very cheap solution actually ;)

@tuxicoman ben ... je sais pas bien mais ce que j'ai compris c'est que justement la chronologie n'est plus respectée non plus dans le tri de "l'algorithme" ... seul "l'engagement" calculé par une formule secrète compte ...
ce pourquoi àmha un "groupe FB" n'est absolument pas efficient pour la communication interne d'une communauté, malgré la "facilité" qu'il y a à y inviter des gens

¯\o/¯ mais on a ici des communes sous eaux se remettant à leur page pour communiquer ( lalibre.be/belgique/societe/20 )

@xuv my reading is that it tries investing in blender and bundling it's substance stuff in order to keep ppl on it's products rather than seeing ppl finding ways to do the same with blender + "other free tools/plugins" (like materialmaker.org ? ... )

hope to see blender keeping it's independence through all this ... it's start to have a lot of dependency on that corporate world for it's funding, pressure _will_ come ... one way or another ...

@lashman ...
hmmm ... imhxp there is no alternative only if you are impatient and have overconfidence ... you _really_ don't need to use the last rendering fad/substance shxt or have multi-server networking blah to bake a successful game these days, and "simpler" tools can become huge with time (like blender in which now adobe and epic invest ... hum ... )

so don't despair, concentrate on the content and the gameplay, use free/libre tools as much as possible, and the future will be open ;p 🤞

@lashman I agree it's sad; my own disappointment is much about the flock of people that have "contributed" to that platform without giving too much afterthoughts to the structure of it

I mean it could also just have vanished, bankrupted, or be sold to any other player incl FB of GGL

when you start to get dependent on that type of you are both a product and a victim of a future heist ... ppl should know by now 🤔 ... no?

If it's a , it should have the structure/gov of one

@lashman well ... I'm still not in the position to be able to produce and sell "games", but from what I see indeed it's tough but there is still some libre/free software paths available through and itch or even 3js/ and the web ...
the point is : if it can be sold it will be!
a free software protected by a foundation is not in the same position than a service privately owned by a small group of humans : thus it was written in the base stone sketchfab would be sold one day.

@lashman that's when you feel good about _not_ having joined a service in the past, having the feeling exactly this kind of thing could happen ...

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