I actually find Ancient Dungeon VR pretty fun and fresh (although still difficult for my guts when big monster urge you to move fast)
there is really something to dig with this peculiar feeling in between world with sensations that plays on the breach between "realism" and "abstraction"

the progression system is pretty interesting by checking the player has mastered the game by submitting to same level ever changing tests

it works on with

collective virtual portrait during a ... (not the 1rst!)
this archery guild ( > 600yo!) cannot meet for months nor participate to a bigger annual walk
Now they have participated to a virtual meeting by sharing photos of them with masks we gathered in a 3D space of the historical shooting range.



(backstory : there are multiple details and a bizare story linked to the pandemy with this and much more ... story to unfold, maybe ;p )

I'm so happy with framework ... it works in a snap to present projects on any terminal (2d magic mirror, desktop fps or hmd)
the process to bake the lightning in is still a bit touchy (from my pov regarding people with no prior 3d pipeline knowledge) but the end result in term of "convenience" for once with is priceless
<3 to the devs
and hope they join the fediverse at some point ( :z they still use discord/birdsite to coordinate/communicate :/)

hey anyone @Mozilla @mozilla , would there be some available resources to install a server on a selfhosted system ? there was some doc on the github but it's disapearing in favor of commercial offering (AWS and soon DigitalOcean)(github.com/mozilla/hubs/commit) .... I understand there could be some tricky things in the setup but we would like to have the choice to deploy where we feel good... help please ;) <3

ok so ... from this it looks like it's difficult/impossible to get SteamVR working on Wayland without patching the whole things up (like DRM lease merge request await atm) so you need to start with an xorg session ...
thus don't forget to .... "apt install xorg" in new distributions of debian/ubuntu ;) (its not included anymore in base desktop system) or you'll just have a black screen and back to gdm

(I finally get that rx5700xt working in with the "free" mesa 19.2 driver and kernel 5.4)

mmm ... apparently Valve is doing some hell of changes in the SteamVR app and it looks like it render it unusable for a lot of people on Linux ... for me it breaks on the last 2 available versions (1.8.x linux_temp and 1.9.x beta) ///
hopefully I have a disk with a 1.3.x version that I did not connect to Steam for some times, and this one is still working for me to develop (not play games on steam obviously)

it's getting some nerves to be a free software , for sure ...

mmm ... frustrating ;
apparently the mesa 19.3 driver for the Navi10 chip is not yet able to switch to "direct mode" even with latest kernel 5.3 ... so is borked for me atm on this new RX5700XT I have as replacement for a dead GTX1060 ... I did tried the "old" blob driver from amd on ubuntu 18.04 but it's worst (no OpenGL, blender crash the system :/ )

but at least the rest works, and it's fast still with "open" drivers (there are some firmware blobs that needs to be added though)

TIL : some are creating apps to train journalist to react in conflict zone ... and they say the most dangerous places are in America in Trump rallies ... because of all the disinformation and their categorization as "enemy of the people" ... Oo

so I finally could gather and assemble a scene to present my humble furniture work in a gallery that you can visit now here (until it's moved to a final place ... )
-> touch and keyboard controls for now

obviously made with

(still beta phase with some details to iron out ... this will integrate the website later ;) when all is ready )

I'll gladly read your impressions ... ;)


lol I must recognize the plot for this shooter is pretty hilarious

(wonder if RMS will effectivelly come back with some 2.0 attitude ... :/ )

just to note : FB is planning to 3D scan your home/workspace/... with it's VR headset technology, so "it knows it better" to build a replica of the world it it's servers linked together with all the online data they can get.
they'll bring FB and Oculus space together, and plan to add Augmented Reality goggles later ...
and none of this is letting "you" in control of anything ... good old "captive consummer" oriented thinking

so what is happening with social meeting room system ?
It started nicely but now it's linking to discord all around (they require you to have a discord account to moderate a hub room :/ ... ) (I thought was choosen?) as well as google and sketchfab,
It is still not working on linux VR headset, wasd keys are unchangeable!
and it is now looking like a more centralised "platfrom" than a free/libre system you could install for your community github.com/mozilla/hubs

so they put you on the plank, and force you to jump upon surprise, under the cries of the team...
noone seems to understands.
Then from far, when wondering how long it floats, you see some other jumping when the ship starts to sink slowly ...

then you see the blank corvette reaching in and some transbording the coffers...

and you understand


I think sensors numérique no-bullshit

I'm convinced ! this Desktop apps in VR system is very usefull for development and even some basic inter app control sheme ...
f.ex. you can have you app running while having the remote dev view inside of it !
or in my case, I have an app with a control screen outside of the headset for a "master" control of the sim, that I can now see inside of it for testing ... ! or using OpenStageControll as a master for some tweaks

combine with the video pass through and it's so fun ;p

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haha ... Linux Desktop apps in add-on by is pretty cool !
I will have to try it a bit to find a real use, and how to gain from that mode when doing VR or 3D work, but at least it's fun and usable and "it works !"(tm) here with not much trouble to install on SteamVR Vive

some opportunities in a young expanding Swiss company developping simulators for the medical sector on bases : simedis.com/en/careers

so there is GSoC project to integrate an OpenXR driver to that's well in the making. This is great news that someone work on this together with the people from Marui
After it would be the second software to get OpenXR compatibility.
the last bit would be to have OpenHMD to get positional tracking for the Lighthouse system so we could have a full stack on libre software not depending on unstable proprietary and intrusive middleware.


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