I actually find Ancient Dungeon VR pretty fun and fresh (although still difficult for my guts when big monster urge you to move fast)
there is really something to dig with this peculiar feeling in between world with sensations that plays on the breach between "realism" and "abstraction"

the progression system is pretty interesting by checking the player has mastered the game by submitting to same level ever changing tests

it works on with

hoo interesting, I didnt noticed, since end '19 the UPBGE team is porting the game engine into 2.8x ... with eevee as renderer and now you can use BPY scripting as well for real time crazyness Oo .. :D

some new pedal sensor prototype test ....
(I'm still amazed after all those years how an idea sketched in blender can materialise with tight measure constraints so magicaleasily on a cheap printer ... )

current task : making a driving wheel controller with a pizza box and some leds (and an of course)


( it will actually translate later to an actual driving controller to retrofit a real car in a driving simulator ;) )

quote (from the matrix channel)
"GMS [game maker studio] was awesome until it was bought by a gambling company and the whole dev team quit"

some more testing with the vehicule system and heightmap terrain module, with low poly style and pixelated texture
I'm pretty convinced ... will test some neural style variations on them to see how I can vary it for cheap (it's using a fake low poly normalmap to give the look while having smooth terrain ... can't see where to disable that smooth rendering though)

mmm ... apparently Valve is doing some hell of changes in the SteamVR app and it looks like it render it unusable for a lot of people on Linux ... for me it breaks on the last 2 available versions (1.8.x linux_temp and 1.9.x beta) ///
hopefully I have a disk with a 1.3.x version that I did not connect to Steam for some times, and this one is still working for me to develop (not play games on steam obviously)

it's getting some nerves to be a free software , for sure ...

so we quite successfully demoed our (with @tomulne ) small game with the WiiBow of my invention yesterday evening in the archery courtyard
Kids played with it the whole evening, abusing it and having fun ...
not very good images (it was dark - and sorry for the format) but good vibes ;)

ok : totaly convinced by the method ... it needs a bit of touch but wow ... I could texturize this model in about one hour with something that follow the geometry ... pretty cool result in such a short time imho

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variations using other sources as second style input (some stone and a brick wall) and test with some normalmap extracted from a photogrammetry scan of the stone wall ... (it messed it pretty much but still keeps some feature visible in the details)
hope I wont go too deep in this tempting latent space ;)

the automatic creation of those transition zones between surfaces is pretty amazing imho ...

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so they put you on the plank, and force you to jump upon surprise, under the cries of the team...
noone seems to understands.
Then from far, when wondering how long it floats, you see some other jumping when the ship starts to sink slowly ...

then you see the blank corvette reaching in and some transbording the coffers...

and you understand


I think sensors numérique no-bullshit

some opportunities in a young expanding Swiss company developping simulators for the medical sector on bases : simedis.com/en/careers

the Gamedev.world online conference has some interresting talks apparently ...
I'm curious about "the making of : GRIS" f.ex. ... there are other about opensource and inclusiveness that looks worth it too

(as if no pic it not happened) some small picture of the rather secretive on demo of the car sim from @mux213 I gave at the (5-6 feb) to some of the amazing persons there, to demonstrate that yes, it's working well and useful to invest in this...
I learned some tricks along the way of course (like "synch your physics and frame rate" /o\ ...)

hey... : don't imagine that while it pretends to export GNU-Linux build of your game that it actually works ....

I could personnaly never see any Unity games running on linux, and each time ended up running the windows version in Wine ...

so please do your homework and test it at least on the one or two most popular distro (ubuntu LTS and arch could be good targets)

'cos having a not working build is sometimes worst than not at all as it is frustrating


I think I'll come to the convention with a ... wiibow game to have fun with ... ;p ...
(now printing an adapter to make the bow with bamboo sticks, the wiimote, and some elastics)

so I was asked to make a logo for the new rendering engine Nitrogen in Rust/Cpp that will be linked with godotengine and other by @karroffel

heavily inspired by the one obviously ;)

(great to work in a company the rely and support libre software ... !! :) )


hello mastonautes,
would you have some good references on sound design for game developpement ?
I'm preparing a workshop on that subject and could use more doc

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