I'm so happy with framework ... it works in a snap to present projects on any terminal (2d magic mirror, desktop fps or hmd)
the process to bake the lightning in is still a bit touchy (from my pov regarding people with no prior 3d pipeline knowledge) but the end result in term of "convenience" for once with is priceless
<3 to the devs
and hope they join the fediverse at some point ( :z they still use discord/birdsite to coordinate/communicate :/)

quote (from the matrix channel)
"GMS [game maker studio] was awesome until it was bought by a gambling company and the whole dev team quit"

mmm ... apparently Valve is doing some hell of changes in the SteamVR app and it looks like it render it unusable for a lot of people on Linux ... for me it breaks on the last 2 available versions (1.8.x linux_temp and 1.9.x beta) ///
hopefully I have a disk with a 1.3.x version that I did not connect to Steam for some times, and this one is still working for me to develop (not play games on steam obviously)

it's getting some nerves to be a free software , for sure ...

mmm .... according to my continuous encounters with a general public, it looks like what the lacks more is an "elements" version (like it's dreaded proprietary goliath concurrent) rather than a name change, which is actually known and accepted by more people that we could think of.

so if people could work on a simplified compatible version of it (an UI change that pannellise the actions) instead of "bikeschedding" that would be going somewhere .
(mho far from the flamewar)

so I finally could gather and assemble a scene to present my humble furniture work in a gallery that you can visit now here (until it's moved to a final place ... )
-> touch and keyboard controls for now

obviously made with

(still beta phase with some details to iron out ... this will integrate the website later ;) when all is ready )

I'll gladly read your impressions ... ;)


so they put you on the plank, and force you to jump upon surprise, under the cries of the team...
noone seems to understands.
Then from far, when wondering how long it floats, you see some other jumping when the ship starts to sink slowly ...

then you see the blank corvette reaching in and some transbording the coffers...

and you understand


I think sensors numérique no-bullshit

some opportunities in a young expanding Swiss company developping simulators for the medical sector on bases : simedis.com/en/careers

Khronos group release 0.9 specifications khronos.org/news/press/khronos , while at same times Collabora is releasing a base tool monado.dev/ to support it on (at first) with OpenHMD and other ...
looks like the team is getting somewhere, and knowing the names there we could have some good surprises in the next months for floss vr/ar...
should take the train on !

woaw the stream is already full, it hasn't even started, ...
at least for and / has taken some grounds it seems :)

so I was asked to make a logo for the new rendering engine Nitrogen in Rust/Cpp that will be linked with godotengine and other by @karroffel

heavily inspired by the one obviously ;)

(great to work in a company the rely and support libre software ... !! :) )


does anymone has already tried Splash from Sat-Metalab ?
it's their new videomapping software that automagically combines multiple projectors correctly to cover a given 3d mesh
based on simple mesh or photogrammetry, this looks great for modular projects ... Any experience with it anyone ?


(rem they too switched completely to gitlab since the M$ buyout of github ... ;) )

I can't make to load and accept a website with the Vive on Linux (debian 9 with correct 10.x node.js/npm and all)
it can load certain scene but not recognise the headset and controllers (AFrame examples - apainter gets "unresponsive" in OpenVR), or just segfault with the provided exemples
it looks very "magicleap" oriented though

apparently there is some progress on on twitter.com/beVR_nz/status/105 🐦 but can't see/test ...

ha wi tiens : il va y avoir un rédacthon collectif organisé par Flossmanuals.fr début Aout pour écrire un manuel libre en français sur le avec ... ça va être bien ;)

donc pour vous ou vos élève, à la rentrée, une bonne ressource en plus pour se libérer et crée avec ce logiciel incroyable.

(j'y participe ainsi que @nylnook )

I've pushed a first demo of the OpenVR HMD bridge for the Blender Game Engine for you to play with ...

tell me if it works for you ;)

source framagit.org/Olm-e/bge-vrpn-op

(and a video :)

et hop, une application professionelle (médicale) réalisée en game engine mise à jour pour passer du Oculus DK2 au HTC Vive, livrée et installée à distance ... :D
quand ça marche ça fait du bien ^-^

(pas de screen, y a une nda sur le concept ... même si c'est ni révolutionnaire ni rien... question de niche parait-il... )

next times someone tells me ", it's nice but it's too complicated",
I have one argument now :
"I know a 7.5yo girl that is really enjoying learning modeling with it, and find it awesome... now deal with that"

mmm...I generally avoid Object Oriented Programing as (imho) it tends to render the code too self oriented (egotist) sometimes and you hardly understand a software made with a bunch of intertwined oop libs, but he! ... sometimes it makes sense... ;)

as for now it helps, and I can read HTC-Vive trackers in python \o/

BGE beware, it's coming at you !

this is the kind of move I like : LeapMotion is going to opensource a good AR headset design, that is actually better than what is available on the market (incl M$ and other) cutting some grass under the feet of MagicLeap that still keeps it sauce secret ...
it's not going to be easy to replicate (optics and alignment are tricky) but the simplicity of it can deffinitely spark some iterations.
Also intersting could be the software stack :


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