these are supposed to help repair a juke-box ... we'll see next week how it behave ... (done with acces to the original piece with )

mmm in I tested Cycles but apparently only is able to correctly simulate a light source bouncing on a mirror ... I'm looking at some simulation for a project that use hemispheric mirror for dome like projection ...

the pattern seen here in the white is due to the hemisphere being made of faces, I had to make it super detailed, each "dot" is one facet reflection (the light source is invisible)

so I figured that the montesori "educative" chair principle could actually well translate to adult sized furniture ...
don't you think ?

just a reminder that addon BlenderCam is still developped, and that last version works on 2.90 and is pretty complete for 3 axis milling/cutting ...
wondering if you can see your model in and export the gcode directly in any other 3d package out-there ;)

so it appears latest versions (2.91 alpha - this will trickle down to 2.90 and 2.83) of finally works well in with on with backend or , at least with AMD video cards (navi10 chips)
the rendering is even pretty usable if you disable some effects that need multiple redraws (like bloom or volumetric shadows)

>> It's finally an everyday tool !
(very useful for architecture or furniture design, or game design... )

ha ! with latest steamvr and 2.90.alpha, the view with is finally working on linux !!
I just have a bizare light difference between the 2 eyes (one miss the environmental lightning it seems) and the scale looks like 10x
but "It Works"(tm) \o/

cool ... I could manage to record a video of an interactive scene with external sensors datas (using an arduino as HID joystick input) in in csv then load them in (2.79 ... I need to update my bpy knowledge) to drive animations synched to that video to render a "meta" scene with a visualisation of the player and the screen

now I'm wondering if the sim would play the same (is it deterministic?) if I put the datas back as controls ;p (I bet not so much)

collective virtual portrait during a ... (not the 1rst!)
this archery guild ( > 600yo!) cannot meet for months nor participate to a bigger annual walk
Now they have participated to a virtual meeting by sharing photos of them with masks we gathered in a 3D space of the historical shooting range.


(backstory : there are multiple details and a bizare story linked to the pandemy with this and much more ... story to unfold, maybe ;p )

I'm so happy with framework ... it works in a snap to present projects on any terminal (2d magic mirror, desktop fps or hmd)
the process to bake the lightning in is still a bit touchy (from my pov regarding people with no prior 3d pipeline knowledge) but the end result in term of "convenience" for once with is priceless
<3 to the devs
and hope they join the fediverse at some point ( :z they still use discord/birdsite to coordinate/communicate :/)

and now a higher backside with hollowing and more interlocking work (not very visible here)
I think I'm near the point I can make a test, it fits on the plank, I just have to push the design in inkscape to extract a gcode

(and I need to test the BlenderCam build on 2.8 ... now that have the workshop again ;D )

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more curves, and interlocking leaving the prospect of not using any metal in it ... we'll see in practice ...

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some more iteration on the chair and essence test (in teak and oak plywood)

hoo interesting, I didnt noticed, since end '19 the UPBGE team is porting the game engine into 2.8x ... with eevee as renderer and now you can use BPY scripting as well for real time crazyness Oo .. :D

some new pedal sensor prototype test ....
(I'm still amazed after all those years how an idea sketched in blender can materialise with tight measure constraints so magicaleasily on a cheap printer ... )

so apparently concerning "viewport-texture" there is no implementation in blender 2.8x to this day ?
I'm looking for the way to have the view from one/x camera(s) available as texture for objects

in 2.5+ we could use the Game Engine Video Texture module to do crazy things including realtime , mirrors, virtual cams, larsen effects

I don't find the way in 2.8+ although it sounds like it could be doable with viewports? (unfortunately BenoitB is not around anymore... )

ILM is using "video projection mapping" techniques now to set the backgrounds of the scene, using realtime 3D rendering with perspective correction from the camera pov. It has many advantages over green screen.

It seems nowadays their best solution uses out-of-range LCD screens that needs 5y to grow the crytals for (!) but used laser projectors and led walls too

I really think could do the job here for small studios someday instead of Unreal...

2 good pres. today talked about the Video Sequence Editor in : specifically pointing the ability to use it to assemble and edit your entire project. By combining scenes, you can quickly jump from edit to scene, and even using that to block then replace fully done shots along the work. You can even work with linked scenes edited on a network by other people !
I worked like that last year for a music video commission : (green bar are scenes) (repost)

mmm... interesting...
you ask the blender game engine to add 0.1 or subtract 0.01 from a variable initally set at 1.0 depending or whether you click on the mouse or not, and you end up with ...


Oo ...

ho wow ... I did not tried it before but you can actually install blender 2.79b from the repo on the 3b / 4b and it's actually totaly usable even on the 3b, including the game engine ... (a little slow at HD res but still! )
it totaly beats on the 3b as I can even load a bunch of images that made godot freeze ... (but godot had higher fps when loading on demand...) cool for education also as you can model and render simple things too

ok : totaly convinced by the method ... it needs a bit of touch but wow ... I could texturize this model in about one hour with something that follow the geometry ... pretty cool result in such a short time imho

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