look who we found in the snow !
(it was fun to make ;p)

thunderdom est parti :'/ Show more

so I was asked to make a logo for the new rendering engine Nitrogen in Rust/Cpp that will be linked with godotengine and other by @karroffel

heavily inspired by the one obviously ;)

(great to work in a company the rely and support libre software ... !! :) )


finaly I think we get there ... soon releasing some music video clip for a pop rock group here (friends of friends ... )
the project is quite complex finaly while I tried to stay simple... but... mmm ... ;)
> each green bar is a 2.5d scene with boards moving with drawings in as animated texture, and some are from a full 3d scene with the group playing in 2.5d ...
and it's layered on top of first animatics drawings to put the continuity on.

@francois_grassard (maybe disperse some white paper or tree leaves all over the grassfield ? could be a dirty solution ? )

proposal for a bamboo robot / small transporter for a fantasy role play game (with strandbeest legs)
- not really but..

I had some hard time making camera moves that felt "natural" and dynamic in the concert scene I am building for this music video I'm doing for a group, so I finally decided to port the scene to the BGE and use my VRPN-OpenVR BGE bridge to record some real natural movement for the camera, using the Vive as a virtual camera in my hand
I'm making some tries and errors now with the scene scale and feeling but it present well and useful.

j'ai retrouvé ça sur mon disque ... les débuts de RéseauCitoyen.be qui passent au JT vers 2004, un réseau wifi mesh en Belgique démarré en 2001, pionnier dans le domaine, et parti en vrille sur discentions internes (voir site, with grain of salt) ... (il reste quelques antennes ... mais elle ne parlent plus beaucoup... )

bienvenue les 28 et 29/09 2018 à l'exposition

Montez au 22ème étage, et venez découvrir les derniers travaux de Romain Simon en profitant des derniers rayons du soleil du crépuscule, dans un espace brut et atypique, en dégustant un cocktail au son des tambours électroniques du collectif "Boom Shankar".

Entrée Gratuite à partir de 18h.


World Trade Center (Tour 1/2, 22ème étage)
Boulevard du Roi Albert II,1000 Bruxelles

the EU Parliament voted quite steadily, and passed the proposal ... :/
(if I have understood correctly ... I'm amazed how this process is middle-aged and incomprehensible ... :/ )
is the future of the free speech apparently

sauvages dans le jardin ... parade nuptiale, portrait et vue photogrametrique du territoire de la communauté. Elles creusent des trous (0.8cm) dont l'entrée est bien ronde mais sans plus... travaillent la journée, une 30aine environ à vue d'oeil ...

free in the garden, nuptial parade, portait and nest territory in ... around 30 ind. dig small 8mm round holes to lay eggs, works the day with the sun ...

beware the power of the mighty cloud of joy ! ...

(we might have to call cloudbusters here ... )

test wih ~380 picture of a Roman Collegiale ... to get it better some drone would be usefull indeed...

haha... peertube become fun.
when looking at random video, I've found this one, quite classical stuff found on YT usually, with car park revenges...
except one of the pictures here is from an art piece done during a city wide exhibition of public space sculpture and performances, organised in 2012 by Zinneke.org in Brussels
funny to find this one back as a on the fediverse...


for a project that's a bit delayed, I made these led lamps...
they are now in the garden, will probably get them inside at some point.

actually, plugging a "bad" small amp/speaker on a 1 on battery reveals entertaining... even technically usefull
It kind of speaks like R2D2 with all the interferencies it makes on the native audio port (and bad earth connection) ...
you can actually follow it's innerworking by the ears, readings the sdcards, or downloading stuff, calculating, ... like an audio prompt or progress-bar

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