So I made a small version at 1/6th to validate the … I think it works, I'll need to make a full scale to be sure no need for screws though

fixed the vegetation alpha sort problem (and better trees) ... now it sort of look ok ;)
(still have that while line border only in aframe ... bizare)

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collective virtual portrait during a ... (not the 1rst!)
this archery guild ( > 600yo!) cannot meet for months nor participate to a bigger annual walk
Now they have participated to a virtual meeting by sharing photos of them with masks we gathered in a 3D space of the historical shooting range.


(backstory : there are multiple details and a bizare story linked to the pandemy with this and much more ... story to unfold, maybe ;p )

I'm so happy with framework ... it works in a snap to present projects on any terminal (2d magic mirror, desktop fps or hmd)
the process to bake the lightning in is still a bit touchy (from my pov regarding people with no prior 3d pipeline knowledge) but the end result in term of "convenience" for once with is priceless
<3 to the devs
and hope they join the fediverse at some point ( :z they still use discord/birdsite to coordinate/communicate :/)

and now a higher backside with hollowing and more interlocking work (not very visible here)
I think I'm near the point I can make a test, it fits on the plank, I just have to push the design in inkscape to extract a gcode

(and I need to test the BlenderCam build on 2.8 ... now that have the workshop again ;D )

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more curves, and interlocking leaving the prospect of not using any metal in it ... we'll see in practice ...

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mmm... c'est bien : je suppose qu'après les règles de déconfinnement "à la belge", il sera hyper facile de faire comprendre la toile de confiance de la G1 ... c'est tellement plus simple ;)

Cool, it only lasted a bit more than one hour, but wow, it has some collective effects… (some rare views… without artificial lights )

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first iteration on the "slim chair" from (not-so-open-anymore) ...

I need to 'slim' it down more and invert some of of the support logic to be consistent with my reference idea ... but it's a good start: I already know how awfull it is ;)

(you can find the opendesk open designs on some git from ppl of maslowcnc : )

@Lem_Niarty @frankiezafe dites ... c'est l'heure du marché au poisson virtuel ? (il est frais au moins ??!)

ceci est/était un avion en bois et tissus ... et avait des performances "exceptionelles" (en + d'être difficile à voir au radar)

mmm .. apparently some has restarted their industry ....

donc il faut 200 volontaires et l'aérospatiale pour faire un ... souflet automatique ?
"Le projet, porté par plus de 200 volontaires de différents horizons, est soutenu par de nombreuses entreprises et organisations, dont l’UCLouvain, mais aussi Coexpair, Covartim, Elia, IBA, Odoo, ATLR Engineering, … "Et de nombreuses autres sont prêtes à monter à bord pour les prochaines étapes", dit-on à l'UCLouvain qui cite notamment Sonaca, FN Herstal, Safran Aerobooster, … "

fashion accessory trend circa spring 2020 ?? (facemask and sunglasses)

patron to make a protective face mask according to medical standards...
use polyesther for the outside face (not coton) and some thick cloth for the "filter" that you add in between the sheets
wash every day above 90°C (or with vapor)
(published by the Belgian authorities on other commercial media)

some new pedal sensor prototype test ....
(I'm still amazed after all those years how an idea sketched in blender can materialise with tight measure constraints so magicaleasily on a cheap printer ... )

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