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Olm-e @Olm_e

I tried to see what it gives to reimport the YoFrankie! open assets inside
it looks great with near no efforts! I'll use them probably for some thing...

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@Olm_e This is great, I wanted to try something like that too but I have 0 experience with the 3D assets pipeline yet :D

Would you upload them to a git repo so that we can play with them? :)

@akien yes, I'll see what I can do this WE, that was my intention actually to repost them in a more usable form ;)

@akien the problem actually will be more for the characters, as the animation pipeline from blender 2.49 is quite broken ... but there is probably a way. but for the meshes and texture, pretty all is rather straightforward : import in blender, and export with "better collada"
(I didn't tried with gltf)
then some little tweeks in godot for alpha and such ...