Studio + accommodation + 1000€

"The Studio in Residence 'Year of Climate Care' is a collaborative call for artists from NASUTI festival Slovakia and the Impact Academy (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in Austria. We are looking for one emerging international Artist or Artistic Researcher who targets in their work or research the climate care objectives and who also reflects this year’s festival theme of WILDERNESS."

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@320x200 ... mmm again, looks like it's for "young-able-I-dont-have-anyone-to-take-care-of" kind of artist that live in a van or by their parents ... :/
(no "real" salary, "accommodation" = prbly 1 small room, no guest, travel for 1, etc .. )

@320x200 I mean ... 1000€ is not even 3 days of work payed a minimum decent price, and here it expect 1 month of displacement ...
the crazy thing is that this kind of "call for project/residency" is actually totally normal and even the majority of them, leading to impoverishment of artists, some (most "fragile" ones, like ... women and minorities) leaving the field, and another minority actually living as educator and not as artists, but still bearing the artist name ...

@320x200 so I finally consider this kind of events as frauds, even if they are "well meaning" at the base, it contribute to negate the basic problems of the cultural economy and politics and the impact they have on the cultural fields ... (/end of rant)

@Olm_e @320x200 yeah, as an undergraduate, this kind of opportunity interests me, something unique for post grad. but i am a care taker for people and am from a low income family. i wonder whether if i did this fellowship i would need to get another part time or full time job, and how i could ever manage both.

@pixouls how do you care for ppl if away for month(s) and no real salary ?
"young artists" and "postgrad" are cheap meat for that "knowledge industry" imho

(and I don't target anyone as "evil", it's just it seems this dark place here everyone try to ignore that are those "residencies" for artists are actually not sustainable)


@pixouls @Olm_e
(I'm not affiliated with whoever is running this call). It is true that most of these opportunities are disconnected from any socio-economic realities. When I was an "emergent" artist myself, like many I relied on these opportunities, trying to be strategic and very often combining things to compensate for the little pay. It's not a sustainable way of life for sure, but can help someone who can approach it from a creative way, or happen to be around/avail. To be sure, even these questionable opportunities are getting more and more rare. This is one is also ticking a lot of baiting boxes in relation to the topic, but who knows, maybe someone can make use of the gig. From a cultural sector POV, for sure, these gigs have became a systemic cheap way to constantly renew the field with cheap labour from ppl who have no other options. In the past few years though there has been more and more attempts to provide frameworks for fair pay in art ( or Some cultural institutions have started to make use of these, but the incentive is very small given that the funds that support these institutions do not always care about the issues, not to mention the lack of accountability. There used to be an "art leaks" project years ago to name and shame, but dunno any today.

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