Because of weather complications our tiny house delivery is delayed by one week. So it will hopefully arrive on Dec. 23. I guess this will be the biggest Christmas present I'll ever get. The house even comes wrapped :D

Tiny house was loaded successfully onto the trailer. The journey begins!

t -3 days. Some stuff was rescheduled: crane will build up on Tuesday, house arrives on Wednesday.
My nights are currently more like:

t-2 days. Driver called us that he is only about 200km away. So road delays shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Crane is set up. Trailer with house should arrive between midnight and 1:00 did a really nice shot in the parking lot this morning 🥰

We saw lights in the distance. They are on the way for the last mile!

They did it! It was a crazy close thing.

Also we have the keys and peeked inside.

Feels so surreal.

Alright. Time to get a few hours of sleep until the craning tomorrow morning 😴👋

The eagle has landed 🤩
It's done!
1,5 years of preparations come to an end. I'm so relieved!

Hellooooo! Next step: reattaching the bottom planks. They are removed for transportation.

Now with ✨🎵Sound🎵✨
You asked for a walkthrough, so here it is!
(I need to split it into multiple parts because... Twitter).
Gimme all your questions! I can do a more in-depth walkthrough for the next WiP episode :)

There's two types of cats:
1) instantly occupies the new house
2) prefers to watch first. Inside is too scary


@bleeptrack damn you should really call Shreudingbusters ! ... you seems to have a GhostCat type matrix 3... they have the reputation of not being very stable ... beware ...

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