Back in 2012, live coded/algorithmic dance music nights didn't really exist. I came up with the dorky word 'algorave' but it took some years of some hard work pretending it existed before it really happened. But still for me it will always feel like something that doesn't _really_ exist, like my little secret.


@yaxu well, I kind of remember parties with most of it live coded in PD or other from ~10y before so it definitely "exists" and the word is well made so congrat for the inspiration ;) … on the other side there still is no common word for realtime visual artist other than "vj" :(
any idea? ( visician? visionian? videolian? /o\ … idk )

@Olm_e Heh yeah I started trying in 2000 tbh but don't want people to think I'm old
I hear 'visualist' quite a lot but agree there isn't a perfect term ..

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