Tomorrow is the deadline for the #libremusicchallenge, and I think my #synthwavefromscratch track is in a good enough place for it.

For those of you just joining in, for the past month, I've been making a synthwave track from scratch: no DAW, no plugins. Just C code and some scripting languages on top of that. In other words, I'm using my #sndkit and #gest projects.

The code for the song can be found here:

...if you don't believe me, compile and render it yourself ;)

I'm planning on doing a multi-part blog series breaking down this track. I'll try to touch on a little bit of everything that went into this track: programming, DSP, composition, sound design, music theory, music production, pyschoacoustics, etc. BUT I'd love to know what people would be interested in most reading about.


* what is this "gesticulate zz zz" thing ... is this how you implement the variation/countrepoint in the score?
* how do you organize your instruments lines regarding to that "variation" thing...
* some basics (prose) on how this is working spe relating to gest would be great
* will there be more ?? *o*

@Olm_e gest is a gesture synthesizer I built, and it does all the sequencing and automation:

If there were more to come... what would you want more of?

@paul ha ... some "general level" explanation of what gest/gesture is in this context (ex in this par./segment it does this and that, as you propose for the blog) , and... more music !! ... when is the album out ?? :D

@Olm_e I'll have to think on this. Gest is my quirky special cool thing, and I'd like to keep things a bit more generalized. I will link to resources with more detail. As many links as I can cram in.

Gestures either make sequences of pitches, or automation curves here. I'll classify each one, point to code and say stuff like "this thing does X because I wanted Y". How is that level of detail?

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