@supermedia_art great show ! ...

(on side note : I'm sad we don't have the institutions with people clever enough to put the means (or just the intend) to support artists producing works here on this side of the planet
this "genre" of visuals and sounds interaction researchs in a VR+dome project we proposed here in belgium was judged "not innovative enough to justify subsidy" in 2015 ... I'm desperate :/
and @imal is _not_ part of the solution, on the contrary up until now )

@Olm_e @imal
I thought Belgium was a good place for that! Honestly I avoid much of this sphere unless they want to book me directly.


@supermedia_art yep ... same ppl should not stay 20 years at head of anything...

I hope we'll find some ways in other kind of yet to become economic, governance and public relation models ... 😇

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