"Elon Musk To Offer $100 Million Prize For 'Best' Carbon Capture Tech "

me : trees, you stupid !

@Olm_e 🤦‍♂️

370 million years of improvement, who can compete with that?!

@hs0ucy mmm... it's actually worst than that I fear,
he's like some bored (pun intended) Iron Man in "the boys" sup's team
even it's rockets looks like some cheap '50's sf soap ... exploding for the fun

we need stories about winning over this kind of anti-heroes ... without / with other (their) tools/manners

@Olm_e @hs0ucy just replied to EM on TW:

Am donating $100M towards a prize for working at scale carbon capture technology, deployable before manufacturing capabilities collapse.

well ... I think it won't scare him/them ... they are prepared to scorch the planet and "flee to Mars" after so ... :/

@Olm_e I did not check what the actual plan was but, given that there are some large CO2 emission industries like cement or steel that we won't be able to do without any time soon, if he means direct carbon capture at industrial sites, this might no be such a bad thing...
not that I have much hope about that, though...

@Olm_e The main problem lies in the fact that there are many people who believe, that climate change is simply a hard problem which can be solved by advanced technology.
That's my main point of criticism. It is simply not true.

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