now enjoying first home made 🍾 ... it is actually very easy and cheap :D ... it brewed for one month using 450g honey + 250g sugar cane in a 3 L jar with ~ 20g of fresh baker yeast
I'll try to have some wine yeast for a next batch (people say it's better) but this one worked pretty well with those off the shelf ingredients


mmm I think I'll try to cultivate some natural yeast too ... apparently it could work and as the honey is a good bactericide too (like the hop used in beers) it could gives an interesting and safe result for hydromel ...
(thks @XavCC for the yeast capture protocol ;) )

Sonds like a crazy beautiful history between non-human & human ballad

@XavCC what I find super poetic is that it seems it can be done just with honey, water and flowers as base ingredients ... 🐝🐝🐝 🌷 💧💧💧💧 = 🍾

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